Hygiene for Health

Hygiene for Health is part of Accord’s broader commitment to sustainability. Accord is the national industry association representing manufacturers and marketers of hygiene, cosmetic and specialty products, their suppliers and service providers.

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    Responsive website

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    Accord Australasia

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Open Project

Bring Hygiene for Health into the future.

Like the WashWise project, the existing Hygiene for Health website was designed and built in 2010, without any concept of responsive or accessible design. Moreover, parts of the website had become inoperable when Adobe Flash was deprecated and disabled by most major browsers due to major security flaws.

Before After

Scale the WashWise magic.

Working with Ident (Art Direction), I reviewed the existing website and again encouraged an overhaul of the IA, and where possible, a reduction in content length and detail. The WashWise website was our base target, so we took user feedback from its launch and enhanced the best parts of the experience to accommodate the larger amount of material in Hygiene for Health, fixing minor frustrations along the way.


An intriguing, interactive experience.

The site was launched at the 2019 AOSDAC & Accord Cleaning & Hygiene Conference to much excitement from industry members.

Hygiene for Health now has an experience consistent with WashWise, provoking a similar sense of intrigue as the landing page invites a user to explore and from there, to learn as they go. This familiarity will be extended to Accord’s other sustainable initiatives in the future.