Asbestos Safety

The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) oversees national actions to improve asbestos awareness and the effective and safe management, removal and disposal of asbestos. These mini-sites are part of this mission.

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    Responsive mini-sites

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Open Project

Convert print brochures into interactive mini-sites.

ASEA produced a series of print brochures with Ident to increase awareness of effective and safe management, removal and disposal of asbestos for different trades/personas. The challenge was how to present this information in a digital medium.


Consistency between online and print.

Working with Ident (Art Direction), I created a design that matched the print brochures, while utilising moments of interactivity to enhance the experience digesting the information online.

We piloted the concept by launching two of the four personas (Construction and Homeowners), and due to the initial success, the other two will follow later this year (Plumbers and Electricians).