The Vocal Practitioner

Blake Condon is a performer, having trained privately in Melbourne and more recently, NIDA. Blake is an experienced singing teacher, offering individual and group vocal lessons in Sydney’s Inner West.

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    Brand, Website, Digital Strategy

  • Client

    Blake Condon

Open Project

Stand out from the crowd.

Blake had created a Squarespace site for his small business, but after two years he realised it wasn’t quite hitting the mark. It felt like every other website for singing teacher’s, and didn’t accurately portray his philosophy or the personalised style of his individual lessons. Importantly, it lacked true consideration of who his user is and their goals and actions as they visit his site.

Before After

Unlock a new visual direction.

Having worked with Blake on my own voice, I was uniquely positioned to take on this project. I understood the lesson style and in particular, his focus on vocal anatomy. Blake envisioned a website that paid homage to this teaching philosophy: an understanding of vocal anatomy being key to unlocking your voice.


A showcase of vocal anatomy and The Vocal Practitioner.

We crafted a beautiful, black and white website with antique medical illustrations, like those you would find in an old anatomy textbook. We carried this theme throughout the site to make a truly unique online experience, unlike any other singing teacher in Sydney.